Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

Why the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig, is a question very easily answered. As I have told most of you who have come to visit and also to those of you with whom I have chatted on the phone. I did a lot of research before settling on the Oxford Sandy & Black pig, yes I looked at other breeds but none compared. They are perfect in every sense of the way. Slow growing, reaching puberty slower than other breeds, being a rare breed was a deciding factor as was the fact that, at the time of writing this, they are on the ‘at risk’ register. However, there is a risk that it will not be so rare due to ill judgement of the breed conformation and people being misguided and those new to pig keeping too proud to seek proper advice regarding the breed standard and conformation hence I have heard that ALL pigs in a litter are being registered. This SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, you would be lucky to register say; three in a litter but it is not unheard of. The breed standard for the Oxford Sandy and Black is given later on under a separate section where I will reiterate the none registration of all of a litter from a registered sow.

Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

They are beautiful to look at; they have a fantastic temperament, but lets face it any animal well looked after and well socialised is going to be a wonderful animal to be around. Oxford Sandy and Blacks are lighter boned than most other breed of pigs given them more meat to fat ratio. Castration of meat pigs is unnecessary as the tainting is not evident when killed. The Oxford Sandy and Black do not grow to the colossal size noticeable in other breeds. Brilliant for first timers, as they are so patient and quiet wanting to please all the time.

The Oxford Sandy & Black is very hardy, of course a natural browser can stay outside all year round and is not susceptible to sunburn (only the piglets on their ears so a little sun lotion wouldn’t go amiss).

Lastly they are perfect for both joints and bacon giving a beautiful succulent taste!

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