What is a good pig field size? This is a question I am often asked. With regards to the “welfare of livestock” recommendations it is stipulated one hectare can take twenty-five sows as long as the ground is good land with suitable drainage. This equates to five sows on half an acre. This is more than the traditional pig keeper. I for example have half an acre I have halved this paddock and have my two girls running on a quarter of it, which is more than ample. A nice way to organise your area, which I have not got round to yet, is to arrange your land to have areas of about half an acre fenced across to make two areas and then again arranged in quarters with pig arcs situated so they are in both halves of the field. Therefore eliminating the need to move the pigs out of the pen to go into another this way you can close off one end of the arc to allow them into the other enabling them to have the sleeping quarters in situ and not having to move them. You can have two to three pigs in this size area.

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